SWR3 New Pop

SWR3 New Pop

Baden-Baden, Germany

12 - 14 Сентябрь 2019

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  • The SWR3 New Pop Festival takes place every year since 1998 on a weekend in September in Baden-Baden. In the years 1994 to 1997 the predecessor SWF3 organized this festival.

    With the help of this festival, the radio station presents new musicians and bands (newcomers) from home and abroad to a broad audience. In addition, however, numerous well-known artists and bands also appear in the so-called SWR3 New Pop Special.

    For several years, the concerts have been held in the Theater Baden-Baden, Festspielhaus Baden-Baden and Kurhaus Baden-Baden. There will also be a public live stage in front of the Kurhaus, where festival artists will perform star talk and unplugged performances during the day, while half-hour additional unplugged concerts will take place in the evening.

    Previous Performing Artists

    Исполнители пока неизвестны.


    SWR3 New Pop Caro Hemminger
    SWR3 New Pop Maximilian Mahr
    SWR3 New Pop Stan Ley
    SWR3 New Pop Max Nau
    SWR3 New Pop Carsten Welslau
    SWR3 New Pop Aron Decker
    SWR3 New Pop Pascal Bast
    SWR3 New Pop André Heindel

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