1) Vulture was a thrash metal band from Rotterdam, the Netherlands formed in 1983. They released 5 demos and 2 full-length albums, "Fatal Games" (1990) and "Easier to Lie" (1993). 2) Vulture was born in the middle of 1995 under the name of Damnation. In the following year it became Vulture already. With fast and well worked death metal, consequence of the variety of influences acquired by the components, the group of Itapetininga – SP (Brazil) has always tried to put together different lyrics and really heavy songs. Read more on

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Taunus Metal

6 - 7 Апрель 2018

Oberursel, Germany

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Festival Med

Festival Med

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Vulture - Victim To The Blade (Full Demo)
Vulture - Delivered To Die (Victim To The Blade - 2016) | High Speed Metal
Vulture - Vulture (Victim To The Blade | 2016) | High Speed Metal