Dúné [Dew-nay] is a Danish rock band from Skive, Denmark currently based in the German capitol Berlin. The band consist of Danny Jungslund (Guitar), Matt Kolstrup (Vocals), Piotrek Wasilewski (Bass & Synthesizers) and Ole Bjórn (Synthesizers, Piano, Programming & Vocals). Their style is comparable to British and American Electro rock and resembles elements of 1980s pop music and 1970s Post Punk blend with a distinct and modern Scandinavian touch. The band is best known for their entertaining and energetic live performances. Read more on Last.fm

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Thy Rock

22 - 23 Июнь 2018

Thisted, Denmark

24 Июнь 2016
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Store Scene

Популярные видео

Dúné - Searching For A Party
Dúné - Never Be Alone
Dúné & Ericka Jane - I'm Still Standing (Officiel Video)