Vilde Vulkaner

Vilde Vulkaner

Vordingborg, Denmark

3 - 6 Июль 2018

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  • Vilde Vulkaner is a music and play festival in Vordingborg for institutions with children ages 7-14 years.

    The festival is based on the fact that children from all over Denmark meet across the municipal boundaries to have fun and listen to a lot of music. The children and the accompanying teachers spend three days at the festival venue.

    In 2013 the festival took place the 3rd to 5th. July. The 20th edition of the festival takes place on the 2nd to 4th. July, where among others Medina, Djem Braun, Christopher, Shaka Loveless, Nabiha and L.I.G.A. occurs.

    The festival has been visited by a number of great Danish artists, but the children from the many clubs, leisure homes, and SFOs can also choose to act with a number.

    Announced Artists 2018


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