Blaas of Glory

Blaas of Glory

Blaas Of Glory is a hilarious, acoustic, travelling act which brings hard rock back to its roots. With its armamentarium of sousaphone, flute, clarinet, banjo, lyre, accordion, washboard, acoustic guitars, snare drum, bass drum and lots of vocal harmonies, Blaas of Glory is a blast from the past, breathing new life into ancient hardrock classics. Unique and ideal for performing at festivals and events for street performers, Blaas Of Glory is at home on any stage but loves performing amongst the crowd. Read more on

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Wacken Open Air

2 - 4 Август 2018

Wacken, Germany

5 Август 2017
Beer Garden

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Blaas Of Glory - The Final Countdown - Sonisphere - Knebworth UK
Blaas of Glory - Highway to Hell at Wacken swimming pool 2012
Ace Of Spades, Blaas Of Glory