Mr. Irish Bastard

Mr. Irish Bastard

Irishman Mr. Irish Bastard, or that f@@@ing bastard, as he is fondly known to friend and foe alike, writes drink-drenched songs that capture the spirit of the country and the raw energy of his punk roots. It's rough, it's dirty and it's straight from the heart. The boys and girl have released "St. Mary's School of Drinking" and "The Bastard Brotherhood" in February 2008. The band is now going to hit the road, drink, party, be obscene and are going to get into some probably punishable acts! Coming along? Read more on

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Wacken Open Air

2 - 4 Август 2018

Wacken, Germany

5 Август 2017
Wackinger Stage

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Oberurseler Minnestreyt

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