Wake Up! Experiment nº inf

Wake Up! Experiment nº inf

Kuklen, Bulgaria

4 - 8 Июль 2018

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  • Wake Up!” Experiment №∞ is our initiative to spread and share what we’ve learned in live, which can enrich each and every person in a different way.

    For the last couple of years we’ve visited a variety of places here and abroad. We’ve come to see communities striving to live in peace, ever closer to nature. A lot of people started organizing and frequenting festivals with different motos around the world. All these events allowed the participants and the guests of these festivals to realize they are not alone and they have lots of like-minded friends.

    Лайн-ап 2018

    Исполнители пока неизвестны.


    Wake Up! Experiment nº inf Карина Георгиева
    Wake Up! Experiment nº inf Thomas Jankov
    Wake Up! Experiment nº inf Pavel ILiev

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