Boom Festival 2018 tickets available this Thursday

Boom Festival 2018 tickets available this Thursday

The big news is out. Tickets for Boom Festival 2018 will be released ONLINE on the 19th of October.

Tickets can be bought online on the Boom website or You can also buy your ticket through the Boom Ambassadors network. Tickets will be sold in two phases: the first batch of tickets will be sold at 155€ and the second one at 195€. As soon as the first phase is sold out, the second one will begin immediately. For more information on phases and the pricing system, go HERE

In 2016 Boom sold out in 34 days, it is likely that tickets will sell very fast, and as they will be limited, we recommend you to plan ahead.



Boom Festival is a special event with a special culture so Friendly Price tickets are available for people in countries with specific economic realities. The list of countries and regions will stay the same as in previous years, with one exception: Portugal will benefit from Friendly Price Tickets. Boom tickets are limited and there is a limited amount of friendly price tickets as well. These will be limited as well and can only be bought through Boom Ambassadors.


Boom 2018 Tickets by Time Zones

Thursday 19 October 20h20 Portuguese Time

Lisboa and Porto: 20h20
Amsterdam, The Netherlands: 21h20
Athens, Greece: 22h20
Bali, Indonesia: 03h20 (Friday 20 October)
Bangkok, Thailand: 02h20 (Friday 20 October)
Buenos Aires, Argentina: 16h20
Cape Town, South Africa: 21h20
Dubai, United Arab Emirates: 23h20
Goa, India: 00h50 (Friday 20 October)
Maputo, Mozambique: 21h20
Melbourne, Australia: 6h20 (Friday 20 October)
Mexico City, Mexico: 14h20
Moscow, Russia: 22h20
Papua, New Guinea: 05h20
San Francisco, USA: 12h20
San José, Costa Rica: 13h20
São Paulo, Brazil: 18h20
Shanghai, China: 03h20 (Friday 20 October)
Tel Aviv, Israel: 22h20
Tokyo, Japan: 04h20 (Friday 20 October)