Indio, California, United States

12 - 14, 19 - 21 April 2019

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  • The Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival is an annual music and arts festival held at the Empire Polo Club in Indio, California, located in the Inland Empire's Coachella Valley in the Colorado Desert.
    It was co-founded by Paul Tollett and Rick Van Santen in 1999, and is organized by Goldenvoice, a subsidiary of AEG Live.

    The event features musical artists from many genres of music, including rock, indie, hip hop, and electronic dance music, as well as art installations and sculptures. Across the grounds, several stages continuously host live music. The main stages are the: Coachella Stage, Outdoor Theatre, Gobi Tent, Mojave Tent, and Sahara Tent; a smaller Oasis Dome was used in 2006 and 2011, while a new Yuma stage was introduced in 2013 and a Sonora stage in 2017.

    Lineup 2019




    Coachella Dar Rivas
    Coachella McLendon Renee Angeleah
    Coachella Bruno Cerqueira
    Coachella Ricardo Linhares
    Coachella Jasmine JuzJazz Coleman
    Coachella João Torre
    Coachella Roberto Cardona
    Coachella João Chaves
    Coachella Eugene Barisano
    Coachella Diogo Ferreira
    Coachella Alberto Brighina
    Coachella Dimitar Emilov Dimitrov
    Coachella Huang Chang
    Coachella Miki Lancaster
    Coachella Doronzo Marco
    Coachella Piero Meléndez Taipe
    Coachella Jay McMullen
    Coachella Matheus Camargos
    Coachella Alessandro Santana Martins
    Coachella Dom de Oliveira
    Coachella João Costa
    Coachella Cory Hodges
    Coachella Max Aragon
    Coachella Weston Henson
    Coachella Oana Anghelin
    Coachella Todd Michael
    Coachella Nicole Roberts
    Coachella Ditte Ganer-Kaasgaard
    Coachella Christian A Nash
    Coachella Luis Mota
    Coachella James Rice
    Coachella Vanessa Garelli
    Coachella Patrícia Faria
    Coachella Alexandre Ferreira
    Coachella Grace Noelia Valderrama Beizaga
    Coachella James Cunningham
    Coachella Élio Gomes
    Coachella Figgy Rose
    Coachella Bruno Soares
    Coachella Valentin Verschueren
    Coachella Ana Reis Fernandes
    Coachella Samantha Schena
    Coachella Gonzalo Marquez
    Coachella Marc Mayland Jensen
    Coachella Zé Diogo Vinagre
    Coachella Jacob Teven
    Coachella Cat Carlson
    Coachella Kiki Cordeiro
    Coachella Schniti Schroers
    Coachella Mia Heilbrunn
    Coachella Philip Butler
    Coachella Zachary Belwood
    Coachella Kenzie Brashers
    Coachella Julian Mpofu
    Coachella Paulina Miałkas
    Coachella Patricia Singer
    Coachella Ashley Shultz
    Coachella Andre Filipe
    Coachella Ryan de Vries
    Coachella Rosario Folloso
    Coachella Christina T T O'Brien
    Coachella Chloe M. Sims
    Coachella Hannah Beth Howard
    Coachella Jake Tibbetts
    Coachella Dorien De Block
    Coachella Olga Gusarchuk
    Coachella Joann McHugh
    Coachella Shannon Waterman
    Coachella Alessandro Porcu
    Coachella Baylie Rector
    Coachella Stan Ley
    Coachella Rui Barba
    Coachella Cody Ampomah
    Coachella Sam E. Lawrence
    Coachella Kei Pham
    Coachella Angel Carter
    Coachella Jade Petersen
    Coachella Bányai István
    Coachella Kaiyun Lambert
    Coachella Khaled Hizaoui
    Coachella Maiquel Mendes
    Coachella Kristin Jablonski
    Coachella Raquel Salinas
    Coachella Christian Engelstoft
    Coachella João Alvarez
    Coachella Helena Ciappina
    Coachella Lars Pilegaard
    Coachella Annika Ekström
    Coachella Alexandria Diachenko
    Coachella Dubem Fernandez Anumba
    Coachella Daniel Ramos
    Coachella Charlotte Pomana
    Coachella Myat Thu Han
    Coachella Zhane Doughty
    Coachella José Pedro Correia
    Coachella Catarina Rodrigues
    Coachella Mariana Andrade
    Coachella Samantha Kathleen Findlay
    Coachella Em Kat
    Coachella CA Bloy
    Coachella Erica Lee
    Coachella Hugo Moreira
    Coachella Jimson Lima
    Coachella Rafa Santos
    Coachella Andrew Saldana
    Coachella Pedro Carneiro
    Coachella Kevin Oliveira
    Coachella Tiago Dias
    Coachella Ricardo Palma
    Coachella Miguel Pinto
    Coachella Kaleigh Padgett
    Coachella Hailey Lunsford
    Coachella Wendy Brazill
    Coachella Bruno Miguel
    Coachella Drífa Ísleifsdóttir
    Coachella Gonçalo Gonçalves
    Coachella Bruno Costa
    Coachella Bruno Ramos
    Coachella Megan Haynes
    Coachella Irene Larsen John
    Coachella Deandre Jemico
    Coachella Fonzi Relle
    Coachella Kevin McFarland
    Coachella Fab Cor
    Coachella Ska Faucon
    Coachella Głowski Filip
    Coachella Dutch Kalevra
    Coachella Maria Inês Santos
    Coachella Luísa Henriques Lobo
    Coachella Leonardo Montinho
    Coachella Sara Almeida
    Coachella Luis Eusébio
    Coachella Ana Camões
    Coachella Emily L. McArthur
    Coachella Elisa Boelen
    Coachella Jeremy Church
    Coachella Rui Afonso
    Coachella Eduardo Conceição
    Coachella Ángel Aller
    Coachella Daniela Ferreira
    Coachella Maria Fox
    Coachella Philip Barnard
    Coachella Bruno Monho
    Coachella Sara Oliveira Bernardino
    Coachella Khoa Nguyen
    Coachella Mélanie Rodrigues Dos Santos
    Coachella Maria Mota
    Coachella Terje Sund
    Coachella Elliott Rs
    Coachella Joana Pereira
    Coachella Jenadee Keffler Koumantaros
    Coachella Lars Postma
    Coachella Zachary Johnson
    Coachella Lukas Wieland
    Coachella Eddie J. Stine
    Coachella Walter Wooten
    Coachella Karin Simmons
    Coachella Turtle Lohman
    Coachella Camilla O'Rourke
    Coachella Deni Soto
    Coachella Francisco Marques
    Coachella Alex Cso Qio
    Coachella Sérgio Pereira
    Coachella Jerry Wu
    Coachella Rick Engles
    Coachella Amirah Sakinah
    Coachella Loubna Mateos Madrassi
    Coachella Priscilla Branco
    Coachella Leah Goldblum
    Coachella Ashley David
    Coachella William Frank Paco Ramsey-Valdenebro
    Coachella Ana Rodrigues
    Coachella Preng Doda
    Coachella Rake Mo
    Coachella Holden M Mobley
    Coachella Macey Stewart
    Coachella Alison Gillian Stanley
    Coachella Klaudia Avellino
    Coachella Андер Сигфриедсон
    Coachella Maria Petruzzelli
    Coachella Manu Huerta El Negro Momo
    Coachella Roi Padan
    Coachella Raluca Bogdănescu
    Coachella Ronnie Dresden
    Coachella Sara Morbey Mesquita
    Coachella Mia Collins
    Coachella Elsa Lamshed
    Coachella Michela Colas
    Coachella Michael Doble
    Coachella Ashley Marie Laudermilch
    Coachella Leanne Gale
    Coachella Yoav Shapira
    Coachella Christopher L. Jack
    Coachella ChiChi Bandit
    Coachella Joris Poppe
    Coachella Sara Lim
    Coachella Kenji Greenstreet
    Coachella Agustin Grillo
    Coachella Bruno Pereira
    Coachella Gaya Paz

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