Wilde Moehre

Wilde Moehre

Drebkau, Germany

9 - 13 August 2018

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  • Wilde Möhre is an eclectic music festival held in Drebkau, Germany. At the centre is a core of electronic music, while the rest of the lineup brings in acoustic music and bands, theatre, spoken word, literature, and talks on science and the environment.

    Carving out its own corner of the countryside, close to the border with Poland, Wilde Möhre has built itself a reputation for strong community and well thought-out programming. 2018 will mark the festival's fifth birthday, and it already feels like there will be many more years to come.


    Wilde Moehre Thomas Jankov
    Wilde Moehre Leo Nltng
    Wilde Moehre Stan Ley
    Wilde Moehre Jens Talib
    Wilde Moehre Ma Sk

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