Sipovo, Bosnia and Herzegovina

26 - 29 July 2018

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  • The Festival of Z. Above E.cologie and T.urism is a completely commercial product created from a completely non-commercial, humane and naturalistic desire to share with other humane and natural people many good stories about beautiful nature, valuable people and real fun. It is an opportunity for local and regional bands to play in the ambience of intact natural beauty, to both domestic and guests enjoy the atmosphere of the sincere and natural energy. It is an opportunity for hosts from rural farms in Šipovo to live better and earn more than their work. This is an opportunity for the development of small municipalities that promise a lot and can do a lot to fill. That's the promise of Z.E.T. the team that we have given to all the people who are building and / or waiting for this festival with us - a promise to live a common vision of the great number of people who enjoy where nature was particularly generous, where hosts are especially hospitable and where we will not give crinkle rokenrol.


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