Death at Burning Man: man jumps into the fire

Death at Burning Man: man jumps into the fire

The 2017 edition of Burning Man has ended with the worst posible news. A man threw himself into the flames at the Burning Man ceremony on the last weekend of the festival. The authorities of the Pershing County (Nevada, E.U.A.) confirmed the casualty.

All toke place last saturday, during Burning Man ceremony, when Aron Mitchell (41 years old) managed to pass the security and threw himself into the flames. Althought being rescued by the firefighters present at the scene and taken to the local hospital, the man didn't survived the injuries. 

The sequence below show the moment when Aaron Joel Mitchell ran towards the fire after getting past two layers of security (Picture: AP)

The organization issued a message at the festival website informing that the incident is under investigation. 

Photos by AP