Pays de Brest, France

6 - 8 Julio 2018

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  • July 6, 7 and 8, the city of Ponant is again carried away by a beautiful nebula, insatiable and passionate joyfully crazy dance. During three days, Astropolis sows its flavors and vibrations, of its splendid wood of Keroual while passing by its harbor, its mythical concert halls and its parks. At the helm of this solar communion, a hundred artists between legendary figures, rising stars, incredible shows and vibrant local scene, who will take care of pampering the dancers of this unique and timeless escape bracket.

    Programa 2018


    Astropolis Gaël Philippe
    Astropolis Vin GateNoise
    Astropolis Huang Chang
    Astropolis Joana Francisca
    Astropolis Rom le Liboux

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