Norrköping, Sweden

28 - 30 Junio, 1 Julio 2017

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  • Bravalla is a multi-genre music festival in Sweden. The nation's biggest and most popular music festival, it regularly attracts global stars from a broad range of genres.

    Home to rappers and heavy-metal bands alike, the festival favours an exploration of varied styles and influences rather than focusing solely on one type of music; an ethos that has seen previous editions headlined by Rammstein, Calvin Harris, Kanye West and Robbie Williams.

    At the forefront of the burgeoning Scandinavian festival scene after only four years, Bravalla is set to build on its strong reputation this summer.


    Bravalla Pedro Ferraz de Oliveira
    Bravalla Huang Chang
    Bravalla Fredrik Håkansson
    Bravalla Øivind Metall Johansen
    Bravalla Jenny Linden
    Bravalla Gunilla Hansson
    Bravalla Mia Ahrentorp
    Bravalla Annika Ekström
    Bravalla CA Bloy
    Bravalla Angelica Ninna Lundberg
    Bravalla Philip Barnard
    Bravalla Andreas Hattenbach
    Bravalla Mikael Mårtensson
    Bravalla Espen Lillebudal
    Bravalla Holger Joel Stenström
    Bravalla Linda Røed

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