Castle Party

Castle Party

Bolków, Poland

11 - 15 Julio 2018

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  • Castle Party is a gothic music festival set amongst the historic and imperious Bolków Castle, in Bolków, Poland.

    The 13th-century construction hosts the gothic communion for 4 days, with a variety of heavy metal, folk, and classical artists on-show which all fit on the gothic spectrum.

    Aptly referred to as 'Gothic House', the aged stoned castle equipped with starvation dungeons and it's illustrious regal history, has been the perfect locale for Castle Party to take up its residency since it's 4th edition.

    Now in its 25th celebration of the underworld, dressing up to the nines in your most frightfully gothic garbs is widely encouraged. Guaranteed to even put a smile on Hades' face.

    Programa 2018


    Castle Party Tomasz Wlaźliński
    Castle Party Maya V Amiel
    Castle Party Katrine Porskrog
    Castle Party Kamil Robert Czapelski
    Castle Party Jens Schneemeier
    Castle Party Agata Potkańska
    Castle Party Fritz Weichelt

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