Gonzo is London-based Portugese sound artist Gonçalo F Cardoso, who under the pseudonym Gonzo creates a playful musical collage of samples, original and found music compositions, field recordings, and his own humorous version of musique concréte, all aiming to challenge people’s conceptions about listening to music

In 2011 Gonçalo F Cardoso formed the kaleidoscopic record company Discrepant, under the ambition to release musical collisions and meetings between cultures or genres. Records are always released on either vinyl or cassette tape, and in order to find a home on Discrepant, according to Cardoso himself, must be surprising, challenging, and have a strong aura of strong story telling. So far the label has included names such as King Gong, Cédric Stevens, My Cat Is An Alien, Ergo Phizmiz, and Mutamassik.

On the album Ruídos (à portuguesa), Gonzo combines regional portugese sailor songs with piano, field recordings, and mixed electronic instruments. His latest project Samboja Kanguick, created while travelling between 2015 and 2016, is an exploration of Gonzo’s subconscious where distorted childhood memories exist next to quotes from psychadelic gurus.

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7 - 10 Junio 2018

Göteborg, Sweden

28 Julio 2016
Skjul Fyra Sex

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