Couvre Feu
Couvre Feu


Couvre Feu Thierry Saïz
Couvre Feu Rico Cardamone
Couvre Feu Clément Benigni
Couvre Feu Taïmayzaïl Bistoufly
Couvre Feu Adeline Pitoy
Couvre Feu Sandra Zeugin
Couvre Feu Antonio Carola

Sobre este festival

After settling in nature, on the edge of the canal in the village of Migron in Frossay, the Festival Covers Fire this year on 4 nights!
Conviviality, music, animations, theater, sharing will be on the agenda of this 16th edition under the Couvre Feu!

New in 2018:
- 2 access for ease of arrival on the car parks.
- New shower area.
- Opening evening on Thursday.

Programa 2018


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