Electronic Family

Electronic Family

Den Bosch, Netherlands

28 Julio 2018

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  • Electronic Family is a trance music festival in Den Bosch, Netherlands. Heading into its eighth year, the festival annually features a lineup of the biggest names in the genre.

    As the name suggests, Electronic Family offers a warm environment, bringing everyone together in the name of their mutual adoration for all things trance.

    Moving to the Autotron for the first time last year, the festival takes place in lush green scenery on the banks of a lake, with four stages and a great atmosphere.

    Previous Performing Artists

    No conocemos el artista aún.


    Electronic Family Huang Chang
    Electronic Family Miki Lancaster
    Electronic Family Jean Bastien Vincent
    Electronic Family Serina Murray
    Electronic Family Jan Hempel
    Electronic Family Olga Shanya van Essen
    Electronic Family Mónica Pereira Bassini

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