Guitare en Save

Guitare en Save

Toulouse, France

26 - 31 Mayo, 1 - 2 Junio 2018

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  • We would like to thank the 75 volunteers who contributed to the success of the 10th edition 2018, a good year!

    More than 1,000 admissions attended the Festival, not to mention the many children under 15 and the lucky spectators of Fred Chapellier's masterclass. You have allowed different posts, all useful for the smooth running of the Festival, to receive this large audience of festival-goers.

    Thank you to the twenty or so volunteers of the Cadours Celebrations Committee who actively helped us during the opening night of Saturday, May 26th. Thanks also to the members of the Saint Paul Festival Committee who have welcomed the public to the Fontanilles room.

    The festival-goers always keep a good memory of the quality of the concerts, the pleasant setting this year of a mild weather and your welcome very appreciated!

    Programa 2018

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