Hard Island

Hard Island

Novalja, Croatia

2 - 5 Julio 2018

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  • Hard Island is a Croatian hardstyle festival inside Zrće beach's Kalypso and Aquarius clubs, and is now regarded as one of Europe's number one party spots thanks to its lineups and full-throttle energy.

    The last edition's included sets from Angerfist, Radical Redemption and Coone inside Novalja's famous clubs, as well as across boat parties and poolside raves.

    Now one of the continent's best-loved hardstyle festivals, Hard Island pairs the music we love with a sun-drenched setting to die for.


    Hard Island Reinold Pfeiffer
    Hard Island Władysław Małek
    Hard Island Flavien Zebzda
    Hard Island Dylan Dizzy Ordonez
    Hard Island Calvin Kuven
    Hard Island Fani Supertramp
    Hard Island Melissa Ophelia Kwiatkowska
    Hard Island Ramon Sepin
    Hard Island Alex Ba
    Hard Island Sebastian Lübbert
    Hard Island Olivia Shipfam Chovan
    Hard Island Tiago Costa
    Hard Island Pedro Neves
    Hard Island Ryan Brogan
    Hard Island Adriano Cabral
    Hard Island Juan Rico Andion

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