Apt, Avignon, France

10 - 11 Agosto 2019

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  • Unique in the region, unique in France, unique in Europe. If this might seem somewhat arrogant at first glance, it must be said that it is about ambition here. Because INSANE wants to see things big: to rally the different facets of electronic music, all in one place, on a single date. If this is the essence of an "electro festival", INSANE wants to do that in its own way, and add a touch of madness.


    Insane Amina Talbi
    Insane Rémi Tonnelé
    Insane Ophélie Kleinklaus
    Insane Pauline JG
    Insane Elliott Rs
    Insane Matthieu Blackler
    Insane Vincent Itsw
    Insane Cynthia Hagen
    Insane Maxime Cochin

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