Mad Cool

Mad Cool

Madrid, Spain

11 - 13 Julio 2019

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  • Mad Cool Festival is a huge rock, pop and alternative music festival in Madrid. Despite only hosting the first edition in 2016, the festival is already a major player in Europe's vibrant scene.

    In that time, the festival has already brought bona fide rock megastars to the Spanish capital across two stellar years, from The Who and Neil Young at the first edition to Foo Fighters, Green Day and Kings of Leon last time out. And in 2018, Queens of the Stone Age and Depeche Mode are among those adding their names to that list.

    Taking place this year in a brand new location after two incredible years in the Caja Magica, the three day party runs from the early evening until the early hours with something on the lineup for all manner of music fans.

    Programa 2019


    Non-musical events :


    Mad Cool Tiago Gomes
    Mad Cool Gonzalo Muñoz
    Mad Cool María Martínez
    Mad Cool David Kalandry
    Mad Cool João Rocha
    Mad Cool Diogo Ferreira
    Mad Cool Morten Hoel
    Mad Cool Salvador F. Alandete Vicedo
    Mad Cool Oana Anghelin
    Mad Cool Mariana Amaral
    Mad Cool Inês Lino
    Mad Cool Chris Vella
    Mad Cool Grace Noelia Valderrama Beizaga
    Mad Cool Élio Gomes
    Mad Cool Claudia Lopez
    Mad Cool Volodymyr Pasyaka
    Mad Cool Christian Engelstoft
    Mad Cool João Alvarez
    Mad Cool Andrew McGowan
    Mad Cool Tania Dkh
    Mad Cool Tzachi Lankri
    Mad Cool André Pontes
    Mad Cool Samantha Kathleen Findlay
    Mad Cool Rafa Santos
    Mad Cool Bruno Miguel
    Mad Cool Filipe Peixoto
    Mad Cool Pakman Howlett
    Mad Cool Steven Meli
    Mad Cool Eitan Yakobi
    Mad Cool Spiderperez Ieh
    Mad Cool Julio Gallego Estelrich
    Mad Cool André Campos Pinto
    Mad Cool Roi Padan
    Mad Cool Antonio Luciano
    Mad Cool Klaudia Avellino
    Mad Cool Filipe Matos
    Mad Cool Soledad Vidarte López
    Mad Cool Santy Ruiz Bandres
    Mad Cool Michela Colas
    Mad Cool Leanne Gale
    Mad Cool João Torre
    Mad Cool Aviram Ronen
    Mad Cool Adrian Voichitescu Andrei
    Mad Cool Rossella Razzino
    Mad Cool Enoc Volcan C
    Mad Cool Bruno Pereira
    Mad Cool Diogo Zsz
    Mad Cool Mirco Mädel
    Mad Cool Paulo Martins
    Mad Cool Tânia Reis
    Mad Cool Sara Martin Gallego

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