Metallsvenskan Jörgen Lennqvist
Metallsvenskan Lars Svedlund
Metallsvenskan Annika Ekström
Metallsvenskan Holger Joel Stenström
Metallsvenskan Oskar Wallner
Metallsvenskan Bello Noble

Sobre este festival

In 2009, Metallsvenskan was founded in Örebro, as a tribute to the two things that meant a lot to the founders: football and metal. Without rank ranking. Thanks to the mix, the festival has become one of the most famous Swedish events in hard rock circles, not least.

During the festival, not only play hard rockers on stage, but also on the soccer field in a raffling tournament. This, combined with the proximity reached between artists and fans, makes the festival unique. So make sure the TV4 sport has been in place and made reports for its own channel.

Another unique feature is the own hard rock chorus that is admired with its own own hard rock alen.


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