Koza Mostra

Koza Mostra

Koza Mostra is a music band formed in Thessaloniki, Greece. It consists of Ilias Kozas (vocals), Alexis Arhontis (drums), Stelios Siomos (guitar), Dimitris Christonis (bass guitar), Christos Kalaintzopoulos (accordion) and Vasilis Nalmpantis (trumpet). They represented Greece in the Eurovision Song Contest 2013 with Agathonas Iakovidis and the song "Alcohol Is Free", taking the 6th place.

Elias Kozas was the lead singer of the band Cabaret Balkan for 3 years and has made some joint appearances with Άγαμοι Θύται (Agamoi Thytai) Read more on Last.fm

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