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Mit Dir


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A fixed thought, conceived in the gray of the big city, in a moment of clarity: With you, because without you it does not work. We wanted to carry this idea out of the thicket of Berlin. That was three years ago. Since then a lot has happened.

All good things come in threes - that's what they say. But what does that mean? Can the people become even more beautiful, the joy, the happiness and the desire even more intense, even bigger? Hardly likely. But are we therefore at the end of our journey, has our Utopia already finished? Caterpillar Nimmersatt and we have gone into ourselves, have 2017 review and thought of every single face, to every laugh and to life itself and think: The fat years are not over yet!

That's why we want to flicker with you in 2018, through the space you, me, we make for a weekend to our reality, a reality that was only a fixed thought, conceived in the gray of the big city.


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