Nibe Festival is a multi-genre music festival in Nibe, Denmark. Started in 1985 as a small town party, Nibe Festival has grown into one of the biggest music festivals in Denmark.

Though there are international acts, Nibe has retained its local feel by keeping the lineup largely Danish. This has proven to be a good move, as the festival has a bit of a hidden gem vibe to it.

The main stage is set in a clearing in the forest and as you move deeper amongst the trees you find more stages and activities. If you're looking for a charming, authentic festival, this is the one for you.

Programa 2018


Nibe Emil Elias Drechsler
Nibe Emil Riis Christensen
Nibe Ditte Ganer-Kaasgaard
Nibe Andre Filipe
Nibe Mads Horsholt Pedersen
Nibe Josefine Storgaard Kristensen
Nibe June Kam Larsen
Nibe Mikkel Juel Jensen
Nibe Helle Brix Sjøgren
Nibe Heidi Willer
Nibe Danny Nygaard Nielsen
Nibe Stine Sandager Christensen
Nibe Claus Thomsen
Nibe Christina Tange
Nibe Mathilde Søgaard-Jacobsen
Nibe Signe Lærke Petersen
Nibe Rasmus Borup Nørgaard
Nibe Kristian Primdahl Palumhøj
Nibe Allan Stensballe
Nibe Anne-Kathrine Kjær Christensen
Nibe Signe Uhrenholt
Nibe Birgitte Rönfeld
Nibe Alexander Solbjerg Foldager
Nibe Rikke Nissen
Nibe Jan Bejlegaard Pedersen
Nibe Uffe Wedsgaard Koch
Nibe Jacob Kristoffer Dalgaard
Nibe Jimmy Schandorff
Nibe Lars Ejsing
Nibe Kim Broen
Nibe Daniel Hosbond Routhe
Nibe Berit Mosegaard Bentzon
Nibe Niels Poder Juhl Nielsen
Nibe Lasse Sørensen
Nibe Mathias Hosbond Routhe
Nibe Jon Rasmussen
Nibe Birgitte Sangill
Nibe Peter Burholt
Nibe Andreas Hattenbach
Nibe George Jäger

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