Kaliber 44

Kaliber 44

Kaliber 44 is a Polish hip hop band; formed in 1994 in Katowice, Poland by Piotr Łuszcz ("Magik"), Marcin Marten ("Abradab") and Michał Marten ("Joka").
Since that time Kaliber 44 consists of only two members - brothers Abra dAb and Joka.
The band has released three albums. The first album called "Księga Tajemnicza. Prolog" ("The Mysterious Book. Prologue") was released in 1996 and created a new genre - so called "hardcore psychorap".
The second album, "W 63 minuty dookoła świata" ("Around the world in 63 minutes") was released in 1998. Read more on Last.fm

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3 - 5 Agosto 2018

Katowice, Poland

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