Open Air Frauenfeld

Open Air Frauenfeld

Frauenfeld , Switzerland

11 - 13 Julio 2019

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  • Openair Frauenfeld is a Swiss hip-hop festival, attracting over 100,000 people every year to the lush meadows of Grosse Allmend in Frauenfeld.

    Now Europe's largest urban and hip-hop festival, Openair Frauenfeld has welcomed the likes of The Weeknd, Nas and Usher to its hallowed stage in recent years.

    And when the main festival finishes each day, local clubs such as Fabric Klub and Bacardi Dome come alive, blasting everything from dancehall to techno till the early hours.

    Previous Performing Artists

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    Open Air Frauenfeld Lotte Maluche
    Open Air Frauenfeld Robert Büchele
    Open Air Frauenfeld Nico Mehnert
    Open Air Frauenfeld Stan Ley
    Open Air Frauenfeld Simo Steinkühler
    Open Air Frauenfeld Tiago Moreira
    Open Air Frauenfeld Vivian Maier

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