Viveiro, Spain

3 - 6 Julio 2019

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  • Resurrection Fest is a rock music festival that takes place in Viveiro, region of Lugo, Spain. This festival is held annually since 2006 during July or early August, and features mainly heavy metal, hardcore punk and punk rock bands. Since its emergence it has become one of the most important music festivals in Spain due to its genre specialization.

    Along its history, more than 200 bands have performed, including world-wide important groups such as Korn, Motörhead, In Flames, Black Label Society, Megadeth, Slayer, NOFX, Lamb of God, Refused, Testament, Five Finger Death Punch, Trivium, Down, Crowbar, Sick of It All, Bad Religion, Bullet for My Valentine, Heaven Shall Burn, Pennywise, Hatebreed, At the Gates, Dead Kennedys, Exodus, or Black Flag, among others.

    Previous Performing Artists

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    Resurrection André Cruz
    Resurrection Paulo Bento
    Resurrection Jose SC
    Resurrection David Kalandry
    Resurrection Alessandro Santana Martins
    Resurrection Lars Svedlund
    Resurrection Paulo Sep
    Resurrection Rui Dantas
    Resurrection Altino Silva
    Resurrection Pedro Covas
    Resurrection Roberto Sáez Arjol
    Resurrection Bruno Soares
    Resurrection Dilhan Alexandre Sen
    Resurrection João Marques
    Resurrection Olga Gusarchuk
    Resurrection Daniel Naranjo Sisqués
    Resurrection Carlos Martínez
    Resurrection Zezé Fernandes
    Resurrection Sara Ferreira
    Resurrection Pedro Mariano
    Resurrection João Carvalho
    Resurrection Rafa Santos
    Resurrection João Grosso
    Resurrection César Cabral
    Resurrection Pedro Costa
    Resurrection Luís Pacheco
    Resurrection Bernardo Guerreiro
    Resurrection Marco Pereira
    Resurrection Russo Rodrigues
    Resurrection Sérgio Chainho
    Resurrection Alejandro Cuervo
    Resurrection Stian Carlsen
    Resurrection Sara Almeida
    Resurrection Vasco Santos
    Resurrection Ana Camões
    Resurrection Alexandrina Martins
    Resurrection Henrique Chaves
    Resurrection João Rufino
    Resurrection Acácio Diniz
    Resurrection James Weaver
    Resurrection Soledad Vidarte López
    Resurrection SethandAmanda Kennedy

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