Tønsberg, Norway

19 - 21 Julio 2018

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  • Slottsfjell is a multi-genre music festival in Tønsberg, Norway. Featuring a lineup of big names across electronic, rock, pop, and rap genres, the festival has something for everyone.

    Starting small and local in 2003, Slottsfjell has grown into an international player due to its inclusive and electric atmosphere and unique location.

    Taking place in the heart of Tønsberg, the festival site is built around old castle towers and its main stage is a natural amphitheatre, offering scenic views of the city.


    Slottsfjell Mads Haugerud
    Slottsfjell Knut M Røed
    Slottsfjell Stian Carlsen
    Slottsfjell Terje Sund
    Slottsfjell Linda Røed

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