Subsonic Music

Subsonic Music

Monkerai, Australia

30 Noviembre, 1 - 2 Diciembre 2018

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  • Greetings travellers, and welcome to Subsonic Music Festival 2017. A magical place… a transformative place… where the unsuspecting by day morphs into the inconceivable at night.

    In the first weekend of December, 5 soul-shaking, diverse and stimulating stages featuring the best sound systems in the world will be booming the finest ambient, reggae, acoustic, world, techno, house, bass, hip-hop and electro-punk music created and collated by 180 exceptional local and international talents for 72 polyphonic hours.


    Subsonic Music Jori Lynn Barr
    Subsonic Music Caitlin Bruyn
    Subsonic Music Elsa Lamshed

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