Dortmund, Germany

6 Octubre 2018

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  • The worlds most wanted DJs will gather to infect you with the best in hard music. Westfalenhell is calling for all the true ambassadors to commit to the 11th battle. The mission: total domination!


    Syndicate Fabian Matzke
    Syndicate Giorgio Bloeck
    Syndicate Sus Momoa
    Syndicate Jacqueline Rathmakers Hormes
    Syndicate Ralf Barthel
    Syndicate Cyrill Kuratli
    Syndicate Mike Karan Duin
    Syndicate Saby Bruning
    Syndicate Marco Bergner
    Syndicate Sophie Dehn
    Syndicate Robin Wrede
    Syndicate Marc Zimmermann
    Syndicate Mi Ke
    Syndicate Tina Maier
    Syndicate Lulu Khalifa
    Syndicate Juan Rico Andion
    Syndicate Phillip Ermantraut
    Syndicate Pascal Bast
    Syndicate Alina Taylor

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