Charlbury, England

1 - 4 Agosto 2019

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  • Wilderness Festival is a much decorated multi-genre music festival taking place in the forests, lakes and parklands of Oxfordshire's nature reserves.

    The festival is an ideal balance between 'relaxation and revelry,' with an ethos of creative and personal freedom from the daily grind.

    Stunning performances and powerful lineups of everything from rock, alternative, soul and electronic, the natural settings is brought to life by the euphoria of the festival.

    Previous Performing Artists

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    Wilderness Victor Hugo Zucchi
    Wilderness Traci Dean
    Wilderness Stephen Skinny
    Wilderness Lee Waites
    Wilderness Adrian Voichitescu Andrei
    Wilderness Harvey Jones
    Wilderness Fab Cor
    Wilderness Jack Norfolk
    Wilderness Diana Mendes
    Wilderness Tom Honey
    Wilderness Richard Jarmin
    Wilderness Lars Postma
    Wilderness Elena Nevesoma
    Wilderness Leanne Gale

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