The Nextmen

The Nextmen

The Nextmen are critically acclaimed DJs and producers working with a range of hip-hop artists. Dom Search (aka Dominic Betmead) and Brad Baloo (aka Brad Ellis) often express a funk and reggae influence, and they have worked with many urban artists from the UK, US and Jamaica.

The two members also run their own independent record label, Custom Records, a joint venture with Fat City Records.

Their name is a reference to the Afro-American term "next man" Read more on

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29 - 30 Junio 2018
Devon, England

Bear, Hold Tight, Sadie Horler, Boom Sound, Selby and

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26 - 29 Julio 2018
Standon, Hertfordshire, England

!!! (Chk Chk Chk), Akala, Alex Francis, Baron Goodlove and the Dreadful Noise, Bring Your Own Brass

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