Guitare en Scène

Guitare en Scène

Saint-Julien-en-Genevois, France

19 - 22 July 2018

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  • Always go forward, never give in to doubt, do not turn around except to draw, in this past already so beautiful, the strength to constantly reinvent oneself, dream tomorrow and set no limits, dare to impossible for fear that it escapes us, the daily life of a festival such as Guitare en Scène resembles this big annual eight that we take with a small anguish in the hollow of the belly and the crazy hope of these sensations which are going to invade us for sure.

    A year to imagine, propose, dialogue, share desires, heart-felt, twelve months to build an ephemeral building that will last only a few hours but which, we hope, will leave an indelible and eternal trace in the spirit of those who have penetrated, a year outside time, to seek, discover, listen and see those who will vibrate Saint-Julien-en-Genevois for a few days. When finally comes this weekend a bit crazy where time stops, where a thousand and one hearts stand, together and with a passion that commands admiration, so that the party is perfect, we can only say lucky to be at the helm, in the midst of this creative effervescence, to see, year after year, materialize this dream of eternal child that we were able to stay and these thousands of smiles that give us the strength to continue. So, in return, we can only thank this audience so faithful and passionate to follow us in our musical desires and, thus, make Guitar Scene, this event so particular in the French landscape, the largest of the small festivals .


    Guitare en Scène Thierry Saïz

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