There are several bands called Malatesta.

1) german ska band (1995-2001)
Malatesta was a SkaSkunk-Band from Berlin-Köpenick. Lineup of the band was: Marek (Vocals&Percussion), Jimmy (Gitarre), Kai aka K.Lypse (Guitar&Vocals), Stephan (Keyboard), Kubi (Bass) and Gordon (Drums). Especially through playing a lot of concerts, Malatestas fanbase growed rapidly. Remindable concerts took place at ALLeins, Horn and at the first Aposkalypse in July 1999. Read more on

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Bixio, Malatesta - Noi due
S. Brugnolini - L. Malatesta - C.A. Bixio - Bakenda Beat - 1967
Bixio, Malatesta - Se poi noi due

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