Beauregard André Cruz
Beauregard Adrian Voichitescu Andrei
Beauregard Élio Gomes
Beauregard Thierry Saïz
Beauregard Kris Lemêle
Beauregard Joana Francisca
Beauregard William Hervé
Beauregard Jeremy Prieur
Beauregard Vincent Vattier
Beauregard Christophe Oury
Beauregard Leanne Gale
Beauregard Pierre Launois
Beauregard Lea Max

À propos de ce festival

Beauregard Festival is a rock, pop, indie and electronic music festival set in a stunning château of the same name.

2018 will mark the 10th edition of this huge yet inclusive festival, where relaxed and beautiful surroundings are brought to life by a varied programme and huge lineups.

All overseen by the mythical and legendary John Beauregard, the festival has established itself as a very serious player on the European scene.

À l'affiche 2019


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