À propos de ce festival

– After a successful move from Tempelhof to Treptow and two successful editions on the Spree, the Berlin Festival is taking a creative break. –

In 10 years Berlin Festival brougt together all the city’s best features of unique music, culture and art. Genre barriers were torn down and redefined as techno flirts with hip hop, Arthouse with cabaret, high fashion with street wear, street food with haute cuisine and classical music with club culture.


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Berlin Adrian Voichitescu Andrei
Berlin Stan Ley
Berlin Antoine Biehler
Berlin Alessandro Scarabelli
Berlin Fab Cor
Berlin George Jäger
Berlin Klaudia Avellino
Berlin Leanne Gale
Berlin Joris Poppe
Berlin Bianca Scicolone
Berlin Jan Sobolewski
Berlin Juli Baldi
Berlin Dave Caramello
Berlin Rita Madio