1. Jules (Italo Disco artist)
2. Jules (member of Negnoir Army)
3. Jules (French singer aka Julien Fougeron)
4. Jules (aka Julie Gribble)
5. Jules (Belgian rock, blues & jazz band)
6. Jules (German Party musician)
7. Jules (English songer-songwriter)

1. Jules is Ueli Schmezer
He recorded the hits «I Want To» and «You and Me»
Produced by A. D’Addezio, K. Röthlisberger, M. Georgiou and Th. Maurhofer.

2. Jules (member of Negnoir Army) is a Haitian artist based in Boston, USA. Read more on Last.fm

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Jules - F.I.H.M. (Official Music Video)

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