The Ominous Circle

The Ominous Circle

Comprised of membership from the blinding light regions of Portugal, The Ominous Circle is a burning black sphere of sinuous torment taking shape over their native land.THE OMINOUS CIRCLE is the Circle's initiation into this upper physical world, undulating like a prophesied curse into the increasing chaos of modern ‘life’. While the reverent tropes of nowadays Death Metal will be recognizable to Circle adherents, the cauldron is mixed in myriad conjurations that stray from the retreating safety inferior forces are prone to linger in. Read more on

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THE OMINOUS CIRCLE - From Endless Chasms (2017) 20 Buck Spin / Osmose Productions
THE OMINOUS CIRCLE - Poison Fumes (2017) 20 Buck Spin / Osmose Productions
The Ominous Circle - A Grey Outcast [live in Lisbon]

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