Dark Troll


Dark Troll David Vermilion
Dark Troll Søren Bülow
Dark Troll Nikolai Börkel

À propos de ce festival

In June 2009, the then known under the name Black Troll Festival (still under different leadership), a Pagan / Viking / Folk / Black Metalspektakel of a special kind was launched. For three years, in June of each year, it was able to establish itself and gather first followers and fans, who regularly romped on the Schweinsburg (an old ruined castle ruin) in Bornstedt and enjoyed the sounds of pagan music.

After 2011, the burglary came and the festival was put on hold. But then, after more than a year of waiting, in May 2013, for the fourth time, the now known Dark Troll Festival (under new leadership) takes place on the same site as before. In 2013, a two-day festival was to be extended to a three-day event in 2014 - the beautiful thing about it, the Thursday on which the 5th edition should begin, is a national holiday throughout Germany.

The Dark Troll Festival promises to be an extraordinary pleasure for any Metalhead who wants to become one.

Due to the limited space at the castle and the sports field, the cards are strictly limited !!!

Now access and secure tickets for the Dark-Troll Festival ... it's worth it !!!


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