Nordholz, Germany

18 - 21 Juillet 2019

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  • Deichbrand is a music festival that takes place in or near Cuxhaven, usually every July/August. The festival and its guests are generally associated with metal, emo, rock, pop and hip-hop.
    Deichbrand was sold out in advance for the first time with an attendance about 18,000 people in 2011.


    Deichbrand Lotte Maluche
    Deichbrand Marei Fink
    Deichbrand Krümelchen von Blubb
    Deichbrand David Vermilion
    Deichbrand Julia Braun
    Deichbrand Michael Sommer
    Deichbrand Huang Chang
    Deichbrand Sarah Fall
    Deichbrand Franziska Göbel
    Deichbrand Nastassia Rainer
    Deichbrand Nico Mehnert
    Deichbrand Volodymyr Pasyaka
    Deichbrand Thorsten-Simon Thoms
    Deichbrand Chaleen Lila
    Deichbrand Madlen Hoormann
    Deichbrand Patricia Singer
    Deichbrand Stan Ley
    Deichbrand Simo Steinkühler
    Deichbrand Anna Otto
    Deichbrand Robin Schierholz
    Deichbrand Colin Kavanagh
    Deichbrand Sarah Kranich
    Deichbrand Tobias Volk
    Deichbrand André Sauer
    Deichbrand Anika Lehwald
    Deichbrand Stefan Montero Wolpert
    Deichbrand Marc Herden
    Deichbrand Julia Hildebrandt
    Deichbrand Florian Schäfers
    Deichbrand Vera Fiebig
    Deichbrand Nikolai Börkel
    Deichbrand Pia Wilts
    Deichbrand Noah Dircks
    Deichbrand Eric Prussak
    Deichbrand Vera Dnabgel
    Deichbrand Fritz Weichelt
    Deichbrand Uwe Penske
    Deichbrand Dennis Unger
    Deichbrand Kris Lein
    Deichbrand Moritz Clyde V. Große
    Deichbrand Jan Wyr
    Deichbrand Oliver Finck
    Deichbrand Drew Ramsay
    Deichbrand Lea Kraft
    Deichbrand Tim Ortmann
    Deichbrand George Jäger
    Deichbrand Melly Liey
    Deichbrand André Heindel
    Deichbrand Justin Lohaus
    Deichbrand Inga von Borstel
    Deichbrand Rieke Clausen
    Deichbrand Sina Schulze
    Deichbrand Adrian Voichitescu Andrei
    Deichbrand Anne Schildknecht
    Deichbrand Monic Neuenfeldt
    Deichbrand Robert Hell
    Deichbrand Desirée Belß

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