Robert Pešut aka Magnifico (born December 1., 1965 in Ljubljana, Slovenia)

Magnifico is one of the most celebrated Slovenian singers. His musical path started with music group U'redu, with which he recorded his first album, Let's dance (1992). After that, he embarked on a solo career, recording 6 albums in 12 years. Many of his songs have become a key part of Slovenian music history. Some of them are 'Silvija' (participation on Slovenian pre-selection on Eurovision 1998), 'Kdo je čefur', '24. Read more on

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Taptone & Magnifico - Fakes (feat. K.B. Starr)
Magnifico & The Serbian Army Orchestra - Ubiću te - (live)
Magnifico & Ad Libitum - Pukni zoro

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