Beborn Beton

Beborn Beton

Beborn Beton is a German synth pop band founded in 1989, with their first album release in 1993. The debut named "Tybalt" is a compilation of the best tracks written in the first three years of their band history and was very well received in the electronic music scene. 1995 the follow-up album "Concrete Ground" saw the light of day contributing to their reputation of fine synth-pop craftsmen and witty songwriters. After a change of record label in Read more on

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Beborn Beton - Another World (World-beater Mix)
Beborn Beton - Daisy Cutter (Live in Moscow 2015)
Beborn Beton - 24/7 Mystery (Remix By Val Solo Of S.P.O.C.K)

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