Magma Rise

Magma Rise

Magma rise was founded in June 2009 by members or former members of Hungarian underground band Mood, Wall of sleep, , Stereochrist and Neck sprain .
The debut album “Lazy stream of steel” (featuring Kyle Thomas from Exhorder, Floodgate, Alabama Thunderpussy and Trouble) has been released in March 2010 on Nail/ Psychedoomelic Records.
The band released a new song "Five" on a split "7 with the band "The Asound" in 2011.
Mihaly Jano left the band in January 2012 Read more on

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Magma Rise/The man in the maze/Premiere
Magma rise/40 million years rain/Rockmaraton 2013.
Magma rise/At the edge of the days/ 2017/Nail Records/Daredevil Records

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