B.Larsson - Guitar, Bass
J.Rudberg - Drums
P.Boder - Vocals

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MORDBRAND recorded a 12" split w/ english EVOKE in 2006 as a duo (B. Larsson & J. Rudberg of THE LAW fame). In 2010 P. Boder (GOD MACABRE/MACABRE END) joined the ranks, thus adding a more focused sound to the unit. In 2011, the band penned a deal with US label Deathgasm Records, and on september 6th the MCD "Necropsychotic" will be released upon the masses. Read more on

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Mordbrand-Revelate-Imago (2014)
Mordbrand-Revelate-Imago (2014)
Mordbrand - That Which Crawls [OFFICIAL VIDEO]

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