Marmande, France

27 - 30 Juin 2019

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  • Garorock is one of France's biggest and best music festivals, held annually in Marmande. Started two decades ago as a rock, indie and alternative music celebration, the festival has since expanded its lineup and musical scope to welcome internationally renowned artists from the worlds of pop, rap, electronic music and more.

    Taking place on the banks of the Garonne river, the beautiful and picturesque natural setting offers a real sense of escapism to music fans, across three days of fantastic performances from their favourite bands and artists.

    À l'affiche 2019


    Garorock Vin GateNoise
    Garorock Camille Szary
    Garorock Huang Chang
    Garorock Winona Guyon
    Garorock Maëva Barrault
    Garorock Élio Gomes
    Garorock Valentin Mouffron
    Garorock Eva Jonik
    Garorock Amit Naor
    Garorock Antoine Biehler
    Garorock Max Nau
    Garorock Manon Costes
    Garorock Justine Devaine
    Garorock Annabelle Cubaynes
    Garorock Hugo Roy
    Garorock Romain Roux
    Garorock Thomas Wibom
    Garorock Tania Dkh
    Garorock Sohane Certier
    Garorock Léa Fernandes
    Garorock Sullivan Duconseil
    Garorock Adrian Voichitescu Andrei
    Garorock Victor Ben-Ayed
    Garorock Yannick Lorre

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