Artemiy Anrilov was born in 1977 in the most north city of Russia - Murmansk.
His interest in electronic music has arrived with acquiring
good-old-fashioned ZX-Spectrum computer, which one Artem used to
produce some primitive and weird sounds instead of playing primitive
After ZX-Spectrum he has got more serious computer gear it was PC AT
386 and started to conquer different "trackers" such as Scream
Tracker, Impulse Tracker etc.
Idea to start dj career has come in mind in 1996 year, so it has been started. Read more on

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B.A.D. - Papas Groove (dOP & Masomenos Remix)
Bvoice & Anrilov RTS.FM 230714
B.A.D. - Papas Groove (dOP & Masomenos Remix)

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