Healing CZ
Healing CZ

À propos de ce festival

About action
Celebrate life, love and unity together.
Enjoy our present moment, open our hearts, our eyes and open to the purity and light.
We learn to accept, as we do, to unite and share. We're one big family.
Let's go back to Mother Earth and accept her gifts with respect and respect.
The first year of the Healing Festival will take us on a magical journey with Peyotla's guard.
The festival will be conducted by the tribal elders of Wixaria Yw'rata and the mara'akame community of Eustoio Rivera De La Cruz from Mexico and his family. They come with us to share their traditional rituals and experiences.
Within two days we will experience ceremonies, healing music, discussions and activities with other shamans and teachers from different parts of the world.
We will connect Mother Earth to a higher frequency, consciously accept her gifts and bless us.
We will experience the healing energy flowing through us through people, music, dance, sacred plants and rituals.


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