Honky Tonk St. Gallen
Honky Tonk St. Gallen

À propos de ce festival

Honky Tonk - The idea
The basic idea of the Honky Tonk is the networking of different venues of a city (clubs, bars, cafes, restaurants, pubs, etc.) to a musical city event. Artists of various musical styles perform at the same time in one evening. It presents blues, jazz, rock'n'roll, salsa, reggae, ska, funk, chansons, irish, folk, soul and all varieties of popular live music.

Honky Tonk - And how does it work?
The visitor pays a one-time fee at a Honky Tonk® cashier of his choice and receives an entrance wristband. This one on the wrist and you have free access to all participating clubs and clubs. The whole thing in one sentence: pay once - be there live everywhere.


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